“Finding my biological father at 31 years old caused me to realize the significance fathers play in our lives. I believe, if possible, all human beings should have the same opportunity I was provided. By being reunited with my biological father I was positioned to heal from the trauma fatherlessness introduced.” – Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton, Founder & CEO




is reuniting fatherless children with their biological fathers all while providing the resources and services that strengthen, support, and elevate a commitment to fatherhood and family values.


We are looking for volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of fatherless children; Husband & Wife Mentors, Peer Group Facilitators, Event Planners, and Family Law Attorneys.

Fatherless Children are:


5 TIMES more likely to commit suicide

32 TIMES more likely to run away

20 TIMES more likely to have behavioral disorders

14 TIMES more likely to commit rape

9 TIMES more likely to drop out of school

10 TIMES more likely to abuse chemical substances

9 TIMES more likely to end up in a state operated institution

20 TIMES more likely to end up in prison

Ma quando è arrivato a coloro che amano fare con un sesso orale partner, cioè, per essere una festa attiva, l’interesse https://farmaciaitalia24.com/comprare-kamagra-100-mg-online-sicuro/ dato un fallimento. Quindi, 92,9 donne come essere una festa attiva durante il sesso orale con il loro uomo. Cosa, ovviamente, un po ‘triste.

Successful stories

“The Fatherless Generation Foundation Inc. Created a space of hope for me and my child custody case. Dr. Torri and her passion to develop an organization to support the livileyhood of fathers is overwhelming God centered. The organization supported me by directing me to the best qualified attorneys available. And because family law cases can be very expensive, the organization took there responsibility one step further by negotiating terms to decrease the cost of representation. I was thrilled at the dedication, determination, dependence the organization provided in my custody battle. I was most thankful for the additional financial support the company provided. The company provided 3,000 of financial support on the behalf of my case. Not only have i found a pathway to hope in my case, but also ive developed a network of support through this organization. Thanks Dr. Torri for leading and helping me towards redemption, and reuniting me with my daughter.”

Brian J.

“I want to Express my gratitude to you Dr. Barton and The Fatherless Generation Foundation for all you have done for me and my son. Even before I had a case you let me know what I needed to do and what you could do for me. You have worked very diligent and remained determined through out my case and even after the verdict you still impact our lives in a positive way. Thanks to you my son is legitimized and I have custody and rights that I and every other Great Father deserve to have granted to them. Everything from court dates to mediation, you stood by my side. I’m forever grateful for the services you provide and I thank you Dr. Barton.”

Keith W.

“I really love this foundation!!!! It has helped me in more than one way. I was on the other end when I got contacted by the foundation my son father was trying to get rights to our son. Me being a over protective mother I thought I was being attacked. But after meeting with Dr.Barton and having conversations with her I realized the program was here to help us both. And now my son father and I have the best co-parenting relationship I thought we would never in life get too!!! I also can call Dr.Barton anytime if I’m going thru something’s. And the greatest part I love about this foundation is they have therapists that can help both parents and the child to cope with any issues you all have together or individually!!! This foundation has given us a great foundation to stand and build on as parents!!! It’s helped me change in so many ways!!!!”

Constance F.

Events 2021


Beyond Fatherless Virtual Peer Groups $65


Fatherless Awareness Month