Programs & Services


13-week evidence-based curriculum providing fatherless children with a safe place to express “how they feel” all while equipping them with the necessary tools to overcoming the obstacles created by the absence of their biological fathers. Aspects of the curriculum include topics such as establishing healthy lifestyle choices, character & leadership development, anger management, and emotional healing just to name a few.

Commitment to Fatherhood is TFGF’s

4- Phase process by which fathers are provided legal, spiritual, psychological, and emotional support in order to reunite with their children.

Tutoring with Kumon Fatherless children

who struggle with reading and math in middle school are on a path to becoming a high-school drop out statistic. Through a partnership with Kumon, TFGF provides fatherless Middle School Students with tutoring in subjects of Reading & Mathematics removing the educational barriers so many of them face.

Husband & Wife Mentor Teams

are designed to provide an environment where fatherless children are mentored by married couples supporting and equipping them with the tools necessary to life beyond their single parent home experience.